Frequently asked questions about our repair services

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testimonials from our customers

How much? ... can't say until we see the damage.

We can't give prices without seeing your item. Every customer's expectations are different: some want an invisible repair, some are happy with simple gluing while others need a repair which is not offensive to the eye when viewed from a certain distance (say 12 inches). Also, the precise nature of the damage (how many small chips are missing and will need to be filled: whether previously applied glue will have to be removed) is hard to determine, even with good photos.
For all these reasons, and others, it is misleading to quote numbers until we have the piece in front of us.
Having said all this: most of our repairs range from $25.00 to $250.00, but some are less (polishing chips from glassware ($15.00 - $20.00)) and some are more (restoration of 2000 year old Pre-Columbian figurine smashed into 250 pieces ($2500.00 or more). If you are in the Tucson area - just bring your broken items in to our mid-town studio at 3423 E Grant Road, for a courteous and compassionate prognosis.

How long? ... normally 3 to 5 weeks.

Repair time depends on how much work has to be done. Normally a full restoration takes 3 to 5 weeks. To grind a chip from a wine glass or bowl is usually only a week. Please try to resist calling us about your project: it is very hard to concentrate on skillful painting and other activities when customers are constantly phoning us enquiring about their repair.

What if pieces are missing? ... don't worry.

We are experts at fabricating missing fingers, arms, legs, petals, finials, funials, fanials and other appendages.

How should I care for my repaired item? .. with care.

Adhesives, paints, and fillers are easily degraded by warm liquids. Cleaning should be done using a damp cloth or duster. Never use abrasive cleaners. Restoration paints are susceptible to fading under UV/sunlight - keep indoors.

Can dinnerware be restored? .. yes, restored - but not used.

It can be restored but we cannot guarantee it for use: repaired dinnerware becomes a decorative item for the china cabinet. This is because glued porcelain cannot be fired in a kiln and the restoration paints, fillers and glazes are therefore not resistant to food, and dish washing.

Do you know an honest antique appraiser in Tucson?

We highly recommend Dwight and Christy Schannep at Tucson Antique Appraisers LLC